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Kirkliston Primary SchoolGeographical Location

Kirkliston Primary is in the village of Kirkliston which is situated on the western fringe of Edinburgh, three miles south of South Queesnsferry. There is easy access to the Forth Road Bridge, the M9 and M8 motorways. Dalmeny railway station is only about 3 miles away.


Kirkliston Primary School is non denominational school in the village of Kirkliston. The school serves the village of Kirkliston and the surrounding rural area, around 10% of the pupils are non-catchment.


The school roll for 2018/2019 is 585 pupils. Our Nursery is located on a separate site to the school and can accommodate 70 morning and afternoon places.

About Our School:

Kirkliston Primary School is situated in the village of Kirkliston on the outskirts of Edinburgh city near to Queensferry High School. Our nursery is situated on a separate site on Queensferry Road. Both are non-denominational and co-educational. The village is currently expanding due to a large housing development of 680 houses. This has resulted in the creation of an extension to the main school building which includes a new gym hall, separate dining room with eight classes being built in two phases giving the school a total capacity for 21 classes.

The nursery has recently expanded to incorporate the majority of the children from the local area. It has the capacity for 70 children in the morning and 70 in the afternoon.

The current school building was opened in 1974.  We have 21 classes – with each classroom equipped with an interactive Promethean Board.  Kirkliston is proud of its open play area where all early years classes have the opportunity to investigate and play creatively. There is a kitchen area with cooking facilities which is used by the whole school. Our main hall is used for PE with our specialist. School shows and whole school events are an integral part of Kirkliston Primary. We are lucky to have a Breakfast/After  School Club which is run separate to the school.

We  have fairly extensive school grounds with both grass and tarmac areas, a quiet friendship garden, sports areas, a welcome garden, adventure playground, All Weather pitch and picnic benches for seating around the grounds.   Working with pupils and parents we are constantly looking at ways of improving our playground; at a recent meeting with children staff and parents a subgroup was identified who will work to enhance the developments in the playground to correlate with the completion of the extension planning phases. They have many great ideas for the development of our playground!

Management Structure

Our Head Teacher, Lucy Henderson is ably supported by Depute Head Teacher, Mrs Irene Whitford and  two Principal Teachers,  Mrs Helen Bartholomew and Mrs Linda Hughes.  The school also has a part time Business Manager, Linsey Luca.

The Nursery is ably managed by the Principal Teacher, Mrs Fiona Kay and Deputy Head, Mrs Irene Whitford.

Kirkliston Primary has an active parent partnership via it’s parent council which is known as the KPSA (Kirkliston Primary School Association). The parents council represents all parents and replaces the previous school board and PTA.


A positive ethos is essential for effective Learning and Teaching to take place and at Kirkliston we pride ourselves on our excellent ethos.  Pupils, staff and parents work together to ensure that everyone feels valued, respected and happy.
We regularly celebrate success and pupils enjoy hearing who has achieved “Star of the Week” at our fortnightly star pupil celebration assemblies. There are also opportunities to work with other children across the different stages when the school comes together for regular House meeting events.

Getting to School

We actively encourage children to walk to school whenever possible.  Bike racks are available for the children when learning bikability skills but it must be noted that the school cannot take responsibility for any bikes left at the racks.  For those pupils being driven to school parents are asked not to enter the school car park and to park safely away from the school gate and designated area for crossing.

We are a Health Promoting School

Kirkliston is a Health Promoting School and we are delighted to have been awarded stage 2 accreditation.  Work is based around the three aspects of healthy mind, healthy body and healthy respect.
In school, we are now proud owners of our Green Flag Eco Schools Award whilst the nursery now have their fourth green flag. WOW!



Free school meals are granted to all children in Primary 1 to 3 and to families in receipt of Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance from the Dept of Social Security. Further information and application forms are available from the school office.

The current cost of a school lunch is £2.20 per day. £8.80 Mon – Thurs or £11 includes packed lunch on a Friday.

Menus are emailed to families and we encouraged parents and careres to complete order forms electronically after consulting thier children.  Forms should also be completed for children who are in receipt of free school meals.  All lunches must be paid for in advance.  Money should be sent with your child and given to the class teacher in an envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name, class and content, no later than Thursday.

The lunch menu is repeated on a 3-week cycle.

Pupils may also bring a packed lunch from home.

Pupils may also go home for lunch but parents must indicate this is the case in writing to the class teacher.  Children must sign out and back in if going home for lunch.



Milk currently costs £30.40 for the full year or £4.35 for a 6 week block.

Milk is provided free of charge to pupils under Age 5 in the Nursery and to those in receipt of free school meals. For all other pupils who wish to have milk, parents may purchase milk on a termly basis. The letters are sent out at the end of each term for payment in advance of the following terms.


There is a Tuck Shop available to all children where they can purchase bottled water and / or  crisps at morning break times.

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school every day.  Children are not permitted to drink juice in the classroom.


Information on free school meals is available on the www.edinburgh.gov.uk website. Applications for free school meals and clothing grants can be made by contacting Grants, Awards and Placements,

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