Ethos & Values


 In this school we aim to S.H.I.N.E.:

Our motto:


Through our learning  and teaching we aim to enable children to S.H.I.N.E. and be:


Successful and Safe     

by showing respect to each other and other cultures and being supported as creative and critical thinkers


by encouraging high achievers through a holistic and active approach with high expectations


by being involved and independent in a motivating and inspiring curriculum developing interest in the global community, where all needs are identified and addressed


building self-esteem and resilience where new ideas are encouraged and everybody has a voice


where excellence is expected through the highest quality of learners’ experiences and an ethos of achievement, enabling leadership across the school community



We celebrate our successes in a fortnightly Star Award celebration assembly where children are identified by a member of staff for making progress in one of the 4 capacities. It is important that all members of staff are involved in this to ensure that children recognise that their contribution to their community and progress is valued. All children have an opportunity to be identified on an annual basis.

Children also have an opportunity to share their out-of-school successes at their fortnightly House Meetings. They can bring along good news, certificates and medals to share with their house members.

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We value; Justice, Wisdom, Integrity and Compassion.

We are committed to supporting the development of the whole pupil and as a result, wish to encourage their development in spiritual, moral, social and cultural terms.

Our school values are Compassion, Justice, Integrity and Wisdom. These key human aspects of learning are supported through the following arrangements by:-

  • Creating a school ethos which, in every way possible, gives value to these aspects of development, especially by providing an overall atmosphere that is both caring and challenging and which provides opportunities for the development of personal responsibility.
  • Promoting social and moral learning through the way in which disciplinary issues are handled.
  • Ensuring that staff and adults within the school provide positive models for pupils.
  • Arranging regular gatherings of the school as a community and using such occasions to encourage and reinforce the values on which the school is based.
  • Enriching the curriculum in all appropriate areas with an emphasis on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Providing opportunities within the curriculum to advance personal and social development.
  • Providing a programme of religious education in which consideration will be given to responses to basic questions relating to the meaning, value and purpose of human life.
  • Providing a programme of moral education.
  • Taking every appropriate opportunity to acknowledge, value and appreciate the various cultures and heritage of the pupils and to encourage them to appreciate and value the cultures and heritage of others.