Mrs Whitford’s Kirky News – 11th December 2017

A lot has happened over the last couple of weeks. First of all we enrolled our new Nursery intake for January and we are looking forward to them joining the groups after the holidays.  At the end of November classes had the NSPCC in to do a workshop about animal welfare which was enjoyed by all. Book Week Scotland included Kirkliston Library Visits, Book activities with buddies and a reading pyjama party with P1.  All early years classes were given a book bag to take home with free books and resources. On Saturday 25th we had the school Xmas fair which raised over £3000 and included a story with Santa. The KPSA did a fabulous job in organising the whole event and we are delighted with the turn out on the day. We have had super assemblies from P3B about magnets and forces and P5B about Mary Queen of Scots in addition to a visit from the SSPCC where P6 and P7 undertook safety workshops. All of the children were given the message ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ to encourage them to share their worries. Achievement Folios went home last Friday and I have enjoyed reading the comments from parents and children. Last week the Pupil Council visited the Parent Council (KPSA)and discussed some of the issues in the school. They have been gathering ideas for Golden Time activities which the KPSA have said they will provide for each class.   P2 put on a brilliant performance of The Sleepy Shepherd and we were very proud of their efforts. Still a busy time ahead over the next two weeks when I think we will all be ready for the holiday.