Nursery Eco Page

October 2016

We are delighted to say we received a letter in the October break confirming renewal of our Eco flag for another 2 years! We have shared this with all the children and hope to have our Eco flag flying outside the Nursery again soon. Our action plan for 2016-2017 can be read here. The main focus areas this year are our Nursery grounds improvements and Food and the Environment. We continue to work on recycling, biodiversity and energy saving across the nursery.


Look out for photos coming soon of our big Garden Clean Up on November!

June 2016

We are working hard on our Eco Tasks in the nursery! We have submitted our application this term (Term 4) to renew our Green Flag. You can read our application here.

KNS eco-schools application nursery 2016

We have also included some photos of our activities we do – recycling, reusing, measuring, recording etc as well as a look at some of our projects ongoing in the garden. Our Eco Floor book and display are available in the Nursery entrance area for anyone to see the childrens’ interests and ideas.

Our new mud kitchen - developed in response to children's ideas Parents supplied old kitchen ware for equipment

Our new mud kitchen – developed in response to children’s ideas Parents supplied old kitchen ware for equipment

IMG_0817Our bug hotel is a great place to find out about minibeasts!

IMG_0814 IMG_0815

Our side garden is now cleared and covered in bark. The children have lots of ideas about how to use it and what to plant to attract wildlife. It will soon be ready for us to use. The new fence and gate are ready for painting.

IMG_0813We are ready to plant fruit and potatoes in this area of the garden now.

IMG_0819Our new planter is almost ready to plant. We have lots of ideas about what to put in it!

IMG_0809 IMG_0808IMG_0812

We measure the rainfall and record it on our chart in Nursery. Then we can compare the  rainfall in different months. Then we add the water collected to the water butt so we can reuse the water for our garden!

IMG_0803 Every time we carry out an Eco task we record it on the Action plan so we can all see how we are doing and evaluate our progress.

IMG_0807We recycle paper  in the nursery. Then we record it on the chart and put the paper in the recycling bin for collection. We compare how much we recycle and try to reduce the amount of paper we use.