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In October 2013, we were delighted to be awarded with our 2nd Green Flag. In order to achieve Eco School status, we had to identify Eco action targets and show how these were in place at Kirkliston.

For session 2014/2015 our targets are:

Remind our class about recycling

  • Empty recycling bins.
  • Have a talk from Mr Brown, our janitor, about how we weigh recycling.

Bring back the litter police

  • Primary 5, 6 and 7 to act as litter police on weekly rota.
  • Remind others outside to pick up litter.

An eco-poster competition for the whole school

  • A focus on keeping the toilets eco-friendly.
  • Display winning posters in toilets.

Looking after plants

  • Planting new bulbs and seeds during spring term.
  • Watering and looking after flowers and plants around the school grounds.

As well as these new targets, we still:

  • Have an elected Eco committee from each class and have bi-termly meetings
  • Are aware of reducing food and packaging waste from our lunches
  • Learn about global issues within class topics
  • Have a visit from the education “Changeworks” where P2-6 will take part in an assembly and workshops about litter management.