Nursery – About us, our aims and Planning

Kirkliston Nursery – About Us

Kirkliston Primary Nursery is located in the heart of Kirkliston Village. The building was originally Kirkliston Primary School.

Although the Nursery is not on the same site as the Primary school, the school takes responsibility for the leadership and management of the Nursery. This link with the school is very successful and beneficial in linking Early Years working. The Nursery is as an integral part of the whole school establishment.

The Nursery consists of two large playrooms, an indoor gym/ general purpose room and a well-resourced outdoor learning/garden space.

Currently we offer spaces for 70 children in our morning session and 70 children in our afternoon session. The Nursery has a very good reputation in the local community and the roll now reflects the changing and growing needs of the local community.

The majority of children are from Kirkliston Village and move on to the local primary school.

At Kirkliston Nursery we aim to implement a child-centered approach to education and care.  By following the Nursery aims we recognise  the vital contribution pre-school education provides in developing children’s learning, through a wide variety of experiences and natural progression, leaving children confident, enthusiastic learners, ready, eager and well prepared for starting school.

At Kirkliston Primary School Nursery we aim to provide quality Early Years Education within the Kirkliston community in a safe, caring and happy environment and to play an active role in supporting our children and their families within that community:

Kirkliston Nursery Vision and Aims

At Kirkliston Primary School Nursery we provide a happy, safe and welcoming environment for our children and their families in the community of Kirkliston, and  play an active role in supporting our children and their families within that community:

  • To create a safe, happy and caring environment where everyone is valued and made welcome.
  • To provide the best possible learning experiences for every child, valuing learning through play, encouraging a positive attitude to learning and celebrating achievements.
  • To appreciate the diversity of our families, support them and promote an awareness of and respect for others in a multi-cultural society.
  • To promote a caring, supportive attitude among staff and to encourage them to develop their knowledge and skills through professional development.
  • To encourage children to respect and care for each other, their community and environment both indoors and outdoors.
  • Work in partnership with parents, carers, other professionals and the local community including the wider school community, to support all aspects of learning and teaching.


Created with our families and staff our core values are to be

respectful ~ happy ~ confident

We can achieve these through

Playing and learning ~ Caring and sharing

Planning and Consulting Children at Kirkliston Nursery

At Kirkliston Nursery we value the importance of consulting children and giving them an opportunity to have a voice:

“Tell me!”——-“I will forget”

“Show me”——“I will remember”

“Involve me——“I will understand”

In Nursery children are learning to learn and it is therefore important we provide them with different tools to develop these skills so they will become Successful Learners.

Consulting children is giving them a voice, acknowledging and valuing their ideas.  By doing this, we are helping them to be Confident Individuals.

By getting them involved in planning we give children opportunities to be Effective Contributors.

Consulting children helps them to become Responsible Citizens. e.g.  they learn to take turns and to listen to their friends ideas; They learn about the concept of voting for a favourite book or resource, they think about what they want to learn next, etc.

Examples of different ways in which we consult children at Kirkliston Nursery:

Responsive planning based on observations in Nursery and conversations with children.Consulting children to plan an activity, e.g.  How can we improve our Nursery Garden?  What do we want / need in the house corner?

Planning a menu at snack time.  Children are consulted each day choose what is on the menu.  In addition to this, groups take turns to plan and shop for Nursery snack, placing a focus on healthy foods.  Children record their choice in a planning book and record daily menus (written or pictorial menu).

Children are involved in deciding the Nursery Charter based on the UN Rights of the Child and discuss why rules are important.

Using speech bubbles to record children’s comments which are placed beside particular displays and photographs.

Using ipads to capture moments of children’s learning These are shared with parents on learning journals along with curriculum areas covered in nursery.  Children are encouraged to acknowledge  what they “can” do and are involved in the creation of Next Steps in learning where appropriate.

Our Kirkliston Eco work – we regularly ask the children to share their ideas using mindmaps to plan our future developments. We also record our activities on our Eco Action plan evaluation chart using stickers

Providing a choice of  Play-along maths sacks and story sacks which children independently select to take home.

“Ask me about…”  stickers – staff give children a sticker recording something they have achieved in Nursery so that other staff members can ask them about what they have done and this can also be shared at home.

Planning with children

As a staff, we continually observe and track children’s progress to ensure they are receiving a broad and balanced Early Level curriculum, covering a range of experiences and outcomes.  Plans focus on long term, short term and group time activities.  For an example of our latest short term Nursery plan, please click on the links below.

Our main planning tool is our Seasonal Log Book. We have short term plans and responsive plans in this book as well as observations, evidence, feedback and next steps in learning from the staff and the children. Our Log books are available in the library area for Seasons past, and the current log book is always available in the middle room of the Nursery where staff and children work on the book. Examples of the pages are below.