Safe Parking

Our team of Junior Road Safety Officers-JRSO’s went out last term to look at the

parking and dropping off arrangements at the school gate in the mornings.

We would now like to share this information from our observations.

As you know parking for a short time makes it dangerous for children who

want to cross the road near the school gates, it stops them from seeing traffic

approaching and drivers from seeing them.

At Kirkliston Primary School we have yellow lines painted behind the zigzags to

stop parking and now we have a wider pavement at the gate.

What we saw:

Cars parking on the corners

Cars double parking

Children dropped off at the grass to be closer to the gate

Children walking on the road

Opening car doors on the roadside and Children getting out of cars on the roadside

Parking on both sides

Parking on the pavement

Parking in front of drive ways

Parking on speed bumps


Please try to remember:

Think about children who are walking to school

Always look out for them and drive slowly

Park responsibly


From Kirkliston JRSO’s-Lisa Mackie, Mia Aitchison, Mark Miller and Megan Lee